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Nintendo Switch

Many may remember March 3, 2017, when the Nintendo Switch was released in all major regions of the world. This was also due to the glossy red packaging, which was smaller than that of the other consoles and showed the controller in the dock and two Joy-Con controllers in the Joy-Con stand. Now the box should be smaller. This was reported by the Japanese magazine Nikkei. Generally 20% The fund should shrink. The reason: The smaller packaging is meant to improve efficiency when transporting the Nintendo Switch, ensuring that enough consoles are available in stores right before Christmas. Nintendo also wants to focus more on air freight.

The new packaging will be produced later this month and will also reduce the amount of packaging materials 15th%. This should also attract environmentally conscious customers. A similar mindset can also be seen in other technology products like Apple’s iPhone. By the way, only regular Nintendo Switch systems are affected. The Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch (OLED models) both maintain their well-known packaging design.

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How do you like the form factor of the new packaging?

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