Referee Nothing divisive 3×3 basketball players: ‘These are my boys’

Referee Nothing divisive 3x3 basketball players: 'These are my boys'

You would have expected that there would be no return for Garing after the trial, but that is not the case. “I think everything has been said. We get along well and there is nothing I dare not say. Of course there is a little tension, but we can just train hard, without getting dirty. We respect each other.”

“This is a group that goes through fire for each other. We’ve shown that in so many tournaments. I’ve never thought of staying home. This is it.” my childrenI just have to stand there. Then from the side lines. From Holland then, because I’ll be right back.”

No hate or envy

“He fought for what he deserved,” van der Horst says of Garing’s legal proceedings. “I just respect that. And the team too. We handled it very maturely, and that goes for Bekkering too. We sat together and I don’t feel like a mess in the team anymore. Everyone managed to give it a place. No hate or envy the six of us are going to Tokyo and hopefully we win.” slide there.”

Thoughts return for a moment to Schiphol, one day after securing his Olympic starting ticket. Van der Horst remembers that moment: “I was completely hoarse and still full of adrenaline.” “I still smile when I think about it. Now I’m calm, but as soon as I get into the Olympic Village, I’ll laugh again.”

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