Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Girl Since Then

Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Girl Since Then

2021-06-11 17:34

Zone – A story too cool to believe, or so it seems. In 1991, celebrity photographer William Rutten was in Zaancy Chance, accompanied by the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers, for a photo shoot. Another (unknown) visitor to Schans, a young girl, always stayed near The Peppers and ended up in the picture with the band.

In 2014, Rotten came across the photo again and made a call on social media to see if someone knew the girl in question. Because how nice would it be if she saw herself in a photo with a world famous band, when she herself might not even know she met the band at all? The call went viral, reappearing every few months, including on the Facebook group “You are a Zaankanter als…”, but every time to no avail. There were reactions, but no one could prove that it was actually this girl.

Until a few weeks ago. The girl in the photo was identified by Janie Moss, William Rutten himself told Xanradio this afternoon. Janie learned that this girl is the daughter of an expat from Australia who lived in the Netherlands for 3 years, but have already returned to Australia.

However, Janie managed to contact the girl’s family again, after which the girl herself, Sonya, called William Rotten. Sonya thought it was surreal to be in the picture with the band, especially since her partner is a huge fan of Ban and went to prom two years ago. Sonia sent William pictures taken by her family for a visit to Zaanse Schans. Sony unambiguously recognizable. And there’s also a picture of what Sonya looks like now; She holds the 30-year-old photo in her hand.

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