‘Recovery after Australia crash takes 2-3 months’

'Recovery after Australia crash takes 2-3 months'

Fernando Alonso is still suffering from the fallout from his collision in Australia. The Spaniard believes it will take several months before he can race completely painless again.

Alonso crashed in Australia in the third quarter of qualifying due to a hydraulic problem. This prevented him from braking enough in Turn 11, where he hit the tire stack. Alonso was unable to take his hands off the steering wheel in time, causing him to receive a heavy blow to his hands and arms.

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In Australia, Alonso raced next with his hands and arms partially bound with duct tape. After four races in Monaco, journalists noticed that the forty-year-old driver still had bandages on his wrists. “This is still from Australia,” Alonso told the Australian newspaper. the West

According to Alonso, “everything is still in shambles”: he sums up “bones, tendons, and joints.” “I need two or three months,” he says of his recovery period. According to Alonso, surgery is not an option. “There is nothing else you can do. Just take a break.”

“However, I have a race every two weeks, so I have to do the rest at home.” An ambitious Alonso always succeeds, because staying on the sidelines is not an option for him. Asked if he shouldn’t let Alpine protected Oscar Piastre interfere, he joked: “Yes, but the team needs the points.”

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