Record number of migrants across the Channel this week | Abroad

Record number of migrants across the Channel this week |  Abroad

France rescued more than 400 migrants who encountered problems on Wednesday. Several boats sank that day, one man sank and another missing. It was Thursday too.

Then a boat drifted ashore not far from Calais with a small group of immigrants on board. One of them died, and the other two passengers were hypothermic.

This year is busier than ever with immigrants on the channel between France and England. Figures indicate that the escape route has been popular among refugees over the past three years. They cut the dangerous route from the French coast. They often leave Calais and run into trouble along the crowded and turbulent sea. The previous record for migrants rescued by British authorities was set in August of this year. At that time the number was 828 immigrants.

More than 21,000 people have already crossed this year, according to British news agency PA, more than doubling in the whole of 2020. British authorities want to discourage immigrants by enacting strict legislation. For example, the government wants to impose harsher prison sentences on people smugglers and the migrants they take with them.

They have also trained border guards at sea since last year to return migrant boats to the French border. This idea has been strongly opposed by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, as it goes against maritime legislation that says you must help anyone who is in trouble at sea. He says a reaction is not a solution.

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