Record fine for MLS club David Beckham after wage infringement | football

Record fine for MLS club David Beckham after wage infringement |  football

This is not all fine. The club could also spend € 1.8m less on salaries for the next two seasons, which would be a huge blow to the ambitious club. Director Jorge Maas himself was fined 200,000 euros, while former coach Paul McDonough was suspended for a year and a half. Beckham, himself the chairman and co-owner, was found to have nothing to do with the abuse and will not be punished.

MLS clubs are allowed to hire three players under pay rules, and they are allowed out of the pay house. In the past, for example, MLS clubs have brought big and well-paid stars like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney, Terry Henry, David Villa, Stephen Gerrard and of course Beckham to the US, despite the salary ceiling. In fact, the exception was nicknamed Beckham’s ruleAfter the Englishman came to the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, shortly after the rule was introduced.

Fourth big earning

However, Inter Miami CF has four payroll players, which are deeper in the bag than described. The arrival of Blaise Matuidi in the summer of 2020 has made the club beyond its limits. Additionally, the club would also have had Leandro Gonzalez Perez, Nicolas Figal and Julian Carranzi less than they really are.

According to MLS, salary rules are sacrosanct in the MLS, and such penalties are required. “It is a fundamental principle of our league and the clubs are responsible for compliance with all competition rules.”

At Inter Miami there is a Dutch player under contract with Kelvin Lierdam. Feyenoord goalkeeper Nick Marceman will move to the American club this summer. They have been coached by former Manchester United full-back Phil Neville. Gonzalo Higuain also plays for the club, which is disappointingly ninth in the Eastern Conference after seven matches played. The regular season will run through November, after which the playoffs will follow.

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