Recensie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom [Netflix]

Recensie Ma Rainey's Black Bottom [Netflix]

Director: George C. Wolf | Scenario: Robin Santiago Hudson | cast: Viola Davis (Ma Rainey), Chadwick Bosman (Levi), Coleman Domingo (Cutler), Glenn Turman (Toledo), Michael Potts (Slow Draw), Jeremy Shamus (Irvine), Johnny Quinn (Stordivant), Taylor Page (Douce May) Issam | game time: 94 minutes | Public: 2020

Levi Green considers herself a pear. The record producer for Ma Rainey, the number one in his band, chose the swing version of her most famous song to record. He also wants to record some of Green’s special songs. But when she appears in the studio herself, she quickly puts an end to Levi’s arrogant fantasies that “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is played any way other than the one she likes. Levi’s exciting introduction will be particularly fixed, as her nephew is allowed to speak there. The only problem: it stutters like crazy.

These conditions mainly set the stage for the hidden tensions between the old guard in the 1927 blues and the swing junior wave, but also between black musicians and the bosses who control the music world. The central part is the fictional Levi, the last film character of Chadwick Bosman, who passed away this year. We see how he easily manipulates the viewer, even though he is surrounded by many talented actors. Boseman takes off the camera with its magic. The shot you only see him listening to is really a feast for the eyes. Plays it tight and great at the same time.

What Rennie is anything but imagination. However, this is a movie based on a play of the same name about the historical blues singer. She was one of the first black artists of any significance, an exception in the United States of the 1920s. Levi is a creation of writer August Wilson who symbolizes the black artist on the sidelines, with all his talent and ambition. As a trumpeter swinging with the sound of the future, he is way ahead of his time. And what does that mean for the black man at this age? OK.

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Viola Davis doesn’t have to show a full spectrum of acting for her lead role, but she goes deep with the intensity. One look from Ma Rainey shatters. And under the thick layer of makeup, the actress became almost unknown. The studio manager is so furious with her singer behavior that she is dominating the band, but she tells her close friend Cutler what’s behind it. Davis played a lead role in Wilson’s previous film starring, FencesFor which she won an Oscar. Then Denzel directed and played the main role in Washington, and now he’s just producing.

With adjustments to the stage, the question is always whether or not it simply doesn’t look like a bunch of cameras have been put on stage. At the beginning and at the end The bottom of the black rennie Some additions were made to legitimize the movie. But the lion’s share takes place within one music studio. The film is mainly based on sharp dialogues and strong skits. The images are vivid, but not cinematic. But why isn’t that enough? It’s a timely story anyway, performed by a black cast and crew. It shouldn’t be special, but everyone knows it is.

Bosman’s death ensures that more attention is drawn to this movie than he was alive. And soon the question arises: How justified is this. It is conceivable that this will also earn him an Academy Award after his death. What is shown here justifies that golden statue. A great talent for acting died with him. Let The bottom of the black rennie But beautifully opens the eyes of all who doubt it. Bosman was always the star of this movie, and only now he’s getting more of the attention he deserves.

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The bottom of the black rennie She can be seen on Netflix.

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