Rebel Wilson shows weight loss in cheeky new photos

Rebel Wilson shows weight loss in cheeky new photos

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has flaunted her stunning weight loss and showed off her new hairstyle in a series of delightful new photos.

Wilson has shared a series of posts from her salon trip with Los Angeles hairstylist Nicole Lyell.

“Oh, I’m here with the best hairdresser in Los Angeles, Mrs. Nicole Lyell!” Wilson said in an Instagram video. She also shared a photo of her newly styled hair, and another selfie of herself with perfume bottles.

Wilson, 40, shared a series of adorable selfies throughout 2020 after shedding 20 kilograms in what she dubbed the Year of Health.

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The actor has undergone a drastic health overhaul this year, after committing to making major changes at the start of 2020.

Wilson wrote on Instagram: “Well for me, 2020 will be called the ‘Year of Health’.”

“So I put on gym clothes and went out for a walk, and I’m intentionally moisturizing the sofa right now and trying to avoid sugar and junk food, which would be tough after my vacation just but I’m going to do it!”

Since that time, Wilson has been reported to have lost 20 kilograms – a feat he is credited with using the Mayer method. The actress said she spent some time at ViaMayr Wellness Center in 2019.

The method involves eating alkaline foods at a slower pace and chewing each mouthful 30 times.

As Wilson’s personal trainer, Juno Castano Acero, told E! Earlier this year, he had designed an exercise program for her six days a week.

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Acero said it encourages its customers to exercise 45 minutes daily, adding that “results come with consistency.”

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