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To become a React developer, there is need of a complete course that starts from bottom to sky. This skill also provides the high-paying job world-wide. The salary is pegged to grow by 12% between 2020 to 2025 and growth is pegged to grow by 21% between 2018 to 2025. KnowledgeHut provides React Training KnowledgeHut, this course teaches how to be a React developer. Students will study client-side routing using React Router, global state controlling and changeovers by means of Redux, server-side rendering and testing using Enzyme, Jest. This JavaScript skill supports 46% of all the world’s websites and applications.

Features of Course

React Training KnowledgeHut course provides the live sessions, recall quizzes, projects and Hands-On with cloud labs. There is nothing flabbergasting that many big tech companies have adapted and embraced React. This step shows the experience of KnowledgeHut in building this course.

These are the features:

  • There are 32 hours of live Instructor-Led meetings. In these sessions, students can clear their concepts, interrogate and ask if there exists any ambiguity in comprehending. They will get their answers in live sessions.
  • Students will have more than 120 hours and be able to get involved directly into the practices and exercises that will help them out.
  • There is the most operative project-based immersive learning practice.
  • Students will be answered and taught according to their response.
  • Students will be getting advanced learner insights. They can track and measure the skills progress made by them. They will be able to identify the areas to improve in.
  • There will be auto-categorized assessments and recall tests for their better understanding.
  • There is a lifetime access to React Training KnowledgeHut course.
  • There are capstone projects and tasks for the students.
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What Students Will Ace

React Training KnowledgeHut course will start from fundamentals to an advanced level. KnowledgeHut team first experiments and then includes the inputs in the curriculum. Their practices and exercises help students to learn this:

  • Students will learn about how state supports you define changes to your UI by means of data, design declarative data-driven apps by means of state.
  • They will gain understandings into components, building blocks of a React app; form and write reusable mechanisms.
  • Students will have entry to full provisioned dev environment.
  • They will study and grip JSX, the syntax extension to JavaScript, for writing render logic speedily.
  • Students will be able to design single page apps, interactive forms and build user interfaces by means of reusable mechanisms.
  • They will be able to design performant, collaborative and data driven web applications.
  • Students will be able to design efficient forms by means of controlled and uncontrolled mechanisms as well.
  • Student can get videos if they need, guided exercises and auto-categorized assessments and recall tests. There will be projects and assignments for them.
  • They will master the incredible Hooks API. They will learn about context, portals and error boundaries.
  • Students will be able to master the code sharing and reusability by means of Render Props and Higher Order Mechanisms
  • For students, there will be code review sessions in which experts will review their coding and guide them properly. There will also be self-paced learning for the students on-demand.
  • Students will implement side effects as network requests to a backbend service or an API for storing or fetching data.
  • They will design Isomorphic applications and implement Server Side Rendering (SSR)
  • They will study and implement routing by means of React Router, implement code splitting and the doubtfulness API.
  • This will teach them about mastering Redux with Redux Hooks, Redux Thunk and middleware.
  • This will make them grip a test driven development approach by using Jest, Enzyme and React Testing Library.
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There are many reasons due to which React has become so popular among the biggest companies. There is an ease of use, well-organized design, faster time-to-time market, speedy rendering with V-DOM and developer tools are the reason behind its popularity. This course comes with all features that are required to make a person become a React developer. KnowledgeHut introduces this course to make people capable of becoming a React developer. This skill gives high-paying job and ensures the entry to the future.

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