RCH Football Club is looking for donors to restore a huge canteen

RCH Football Club is looking for donors to restore a huge canteen

It’s a feast for the eyes, but also a burden for the club’s purse. RCH Football Club canteen in Heemstede. The building is the only football canteen in the Netherlands to have a municipal monument and is slated for restoration. This is an expensive joke, because you are not allowed to only do extraneous actions on a monument. So the club now hopes to get help from the people who have the warm heart of the club, especially the canteen.

Kees Cockilchureen, RCH – NH Nieuws Chairman / Paul Trump

Since 2005, the RCH club has enjoyed the status of a municipality monument. The log building was completely built in 1932, when the club moved from Harlem to Heemsted. The architect was Cornelis van Gelder, who at that time worked for the municipality of Heemstede.

Immediately striking is the attic ceiling, based on designs by American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. “With the goal of connecting indoors and outdoors,” says Sjaak Struijf, Heemstede municipality councilor for local sports. It gives an understated feel of a suite or a restaurant. “However, the monumental building is not only in the building, but also where it stands. In the middle of the sports park, this is unique. Surrounded by greenery, in general it has a park-like appearance. Very well. In Vondelpark or Groenendaalse Bos.”

It needs an overhaul

In 1946 the club was expanded. The final part, which now houses the kitchen, is partially deteriorating on the outside. “This aspect is constantly exposed to sunlight,” says Kees Kokkelkoren, RCH’s Chairman. “So the wood and paint are corroding and need to be replaced.”

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Maintaining a huge soccer canteen is an expensive joke for RCH – NH News

So, go to the hardware store, buy some wood pallets and a small amount of blue paint and you’re done. But it is not that easy in this canteen. Because it is my monument, you cannot renew anything. “We have to keep it in its original condition. You are not allowed to change a window or door. Otherwise, you will lose its status and you will not be entitled to financial support from the municipality for maintenance,” says Corinne’s agent.

For upcoming maintenance service, it means all parts must be handcrafted specially for RCH Canteen. “They are parts of rabbits, and they are planks that can slide together. They all have to be made to measure from a specific type of wood. This is going to be an expensive hobby,” says Cockilchoren. Generally speaking, the RCH comes to a minimum of € 20,000.

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Because this is a large sum, especially in these times, the club is the donation drive Help revamp the RCH Club Started. The former members and members have already raised more than 5,000 euros. Each donation over € 35 will receive a club fee by Harlem painter Eric Cullen.

Remarkably, the graphic shows a soccer player wearing a black and blue striped RCH uniform. “This is Johan Niskins, he started his football career here,” Cockilchoren said. He had already sent an email to the former international player about the club’s action, but received no response from Switzerland, where Neeskens lives. “Maybe they are on vacation.”

RCH Buffet, illustrated by Eric Colin-NH News / Paul Trump

Heemstead municipality also contributes financially to maintenance. “Funds are available to restore municipal antiquities to their original condition. This is 50 percent of the maintenance costs, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. This is what it will be like now,” Alderman Strijve said.

The Kokkelkoren boss is hoping to get cash together soon. A carpentry company in Heemstede will manually manufacture the planks. A feast for the eyes, but a burden on the wallet, like this municipal monument? “Sometimes yes, because every now and then you’d like to do something about the insulation of the building, but then it would lose its monument status. Then you wouldn’t do it anyway. In general, I’m just proud. Every time I drive, I always think “What a separate building, a football canteen as a monument, unique in the Netherlands.”

RCH footballers in front of the gigantic sports canteen – Haerlem / Noord-Holland Archief – Historic League

From the municipality’s drive to place the RCH canteen on its list of municipal monuments in 2005:

The Sports Café from 1932 to 333 is of historical, cultural and architectural significance due to its functional and stereotypical rarity within Heemsted as the original sports cafeteria of Racing Heemsted. The sports cafeteria is of great value
Due to the original location and connection to the neighboring site
Sports fields. From an architectural historical point of view, the building is valuable due to its rustic appearance, such as the strong horizontal character due to the spacious overhanging roof and the design of the door and windows.

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