Ranking of the 10 best video game trailers Hideo Kojima

Ranking of the 10 best video game trailers Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has a knack for marketing his games. These trailers stayed on fans’ minds for years after they aired.

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He is known for pumping trailer after trailer before one of his games comes out, and the videos add to the mystery and hype around the project in question. The following trailers listed below are the best of the best. Some of them are objectively good on their own, like a short movie, while others are important to the time and place they were first revealed.

10 Death Stranding commercial announcement

Death stranding premiered by Norman Reedus

After the surrounding disaster Metal Gear Solid V’s Development and Abolition Silent Hills, Kojima is back in full force with a new studio and trailer for a new IP. Literally every part of Stranding Death The trailer for the first time was bewildering, and fans ate every frame. Kojima must have had a very strong idea of ​​what he wanted the game to be like from day one, because elements from the final product are in this first trailer, even though he uses a different engine.

9 Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 2000

Metal Gear Solid 2 E3 2000

Spot size is difficult to reduce Metal Gear Solid 2 Provided upon disclosure. When the stealth game first appeared in E3 2000, its graphics exploded and surpassed everything else people saw on the PS2 at the time. Undoubtedly, the exclusivity helped the console beat the competition early on. While the game eventually made it to Xbox, it didn’t perform well on Microsoft’s first platform.

8 Metal Gear Solid 4 E3 Ad 2005

Metal Gear Solid 4 E3 2005

This makes it one of the list due to how each moment explodes Kojima’s weirdness. It debuted less than a year later Metal Gear Solid 3 2004 Release and was made using the same engine. No screenshots were shown Metal Gear Solid 4, Rather being a comic short film with ambiguous messages showcasing the ambition of a future release. Even watching it today, the footage is laughing.

7 Metal Gear Solid E3 1996

Metal Gear Solid E3 1996

While Lime solid mineral It is the third game in the series, and its legendary reputation has yet to be established. Its first show was impressive, but it hardly resembles the final product in any way. Today it’s worth watching as curiosity, and seeing the original developer’s vision for the game. While it looks different in its final form, it’s been for the better since then Lime solid mineral It is often considered one of the PlayStation’s best titles.

6 Death Stranding launch trailer

Brittle decoration

Many advised not to watch this launch clip upon release because it includes many spoilers for Death by strand. Looking back now, one can appreciate the increased editing and drama of the quick cuts, even if one has previously defeated Hideo Kojima’s latest game and knows all the beats of the story.

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It’s also funny to think of how spoiled they are in this video, especially when considering how much they conceal the story in advance.

5 Phantom Pain Debut Trailer

Phantom hospital bed first waking up trailer

Hideo Kojima has always been a supporter of attracting singers to the soundtrack and using licensed music to bring out new emotions from the footage. the Phantom pain The trailer for the first time used Garbage’s “Not Your Kind of People” to add to the mystery surrounding the project. It should be noted that this is actually the second trailer for the game. The game was actually announced as coming from a fictional game studio without any apparent connection to Kojima or Metal equipment Series.

4 Metal Gear Solid 4 E3 2006

Metal Gear Solid 4 E3 2006

This is perhaps one of the most ambitious and bulky trailers ever released. It comes in about fifteen minutes, and it really shows the ambition of the game. Many say the snaps still don’t even show half of what was eventually filled out Metal Gear Solid 4: The Patriot Rifles. Early in the PlayStation 3’s life and before its release, many of the trailers looked too good to be true and were eventually toned down for PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4 It is one of the only games that looks better in the final version.

3 Silent Hills commercial trailer

A reveal for the first time to whom he has overcome mystery and horror PT, The Silent Hills The trailer is all the stricken fans who have seen the project. Separating one’s place in history and the tragedy behind the game’s cancellation, and considering it a miniature two-minute horror movie leaves much to appreciate.

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A voiceover describing his careless killing then promising to return while disappearing still slowly more than enough to send chills down his spine.

2 Metal Gear Solid 2 TGS 2001

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty TGS 2001

Toy trailers of the early 2000s were often booby-trapped and riddled with blast wounds and explosions. This makes Metal Gear Solid 2 The Tokyo game show trailer is particularly notable. It starts with “Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” a song that is used during end-of-game credits, and plays on slow-motion game-setting shots only after a minute or so, showing the montage of story moments. In hindsight, one could easily see Raiden’s white hair in two frames, although even with this there was no indication that he would be the main protagonist.

1 Phantom Pain E3 2015

Phantom Pain E3 2015 was chased by Metal Gear

Just a few months before the actual game appeared, Kojima revealed a trailer featuring the game’s central villain, Skullface. So far, the language-related themes haven’t been highlighted, but this dark trailer reveals them as a major driving force for the plot. Violent and turbulent footage is made even scarier with “Elegia” by New Order. Even with no knowledge of the series, it’s totally strange Metal equipment He can appreciate more than the message of the trailer and the atmosphere.

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