Rance Allen, legend of gospel music, passed away at the age of 71

Rance Allen, legend of gospel music, passed away at the age of 71
While recovering from a Heartland ProMedica medical procedure [in Sylvania, OH]Ellen Allen, Allen’s wife, 49 years old, and his business manager Toby Jackson, said in a joint statement posted on Facebook that Bishop Rance Allen passed away around three in the morning.
The world-famous gospel singer and minister, known for the song “Something About Jesus’ Name,” formed the group Rance Allen with his brothers Tom and Steve in 1969, according to the group’s website.

“I did not expect to hear this news this morning,” Bryant Scott, president of Allen Records, Tyscott Records, said in the statement. “This is a great loss for us personally but also for the church community as a whole.”

After painting in 1978, Rance Allen served for more than six years as a co-pastor of the Temple of the Temple of God in Christ (COGIC) in Monroe, Michigan. Allen also served as a pastor at the New Church of God Bethel in Christ in Toledo, Ohio.

“Bishop Allen’s unique vocal service has been an indispensable voice within the Church of God in Christ and Christianity. His talent transcends the boundaries of the musical genre as he remains a desirable figure invited to perform in international venues,” Bishop Robert J. Rudolph Jr. COGIC in a statement.

“During this time of uncertainty, we ask for continued prayer as well as acts of emotional and spiritual support for the family.”

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