Radio Tequila, DAB + in Switzerland, Spaces – RadioVisie

Radio Tequila, DAB + in Switzerland, Spaces - RadioVisie

Willie Somers on 40 Years of Radio Tequila

we It was earlier this year Celebrating 40 years Tequila Radio, the local East Flemish radio with frequencies in Deinze (106.2 MHz) and Aalter (107.8 MHz). On Sunday 4 September there will be an official celebration at the Bredestraat in Petegem-aan-de-Leie, with Willie Somers as the main address. In the morning, staff and former employees broadcast a special broadcast from the Leiespiegel service center in Deinze, with a number of VIP guests. There is also a book40 Columns with a Wink / 40 Years of Radio Tequila‘ From Carlos Only I suggested. After broadcasting at City Hall, the concert moves to Bredestraat 107. From 1pm, everyone is welcome to attend an exhibition with photos, posters and volumes from 40 years of Radio Tequila. Meanwhile, cover band MeZaMi performs on stage, followed by Willie Somers. Free admission.

Switzerland: a quarter of the population sticks to FM

In Switzerland, listening to digital radio seems to be stuck at 75%. As in the fall of 2021, listening to analog radio will remain at 25 percent in the spring of 2022. The Digital Migration Group (DigMig), which oversees Switzerland’s digital transformation, reports that listening to FM has dropped from 51 to 25 percent. Since 2015, but in fact there has been no decline in the past two years. However, the number of people who have an FM-only receiver drops further to 13 percent. Another 13 percent don’t listen to the radio at all. The listening share for DAB+ increases to 41 percent and 53 percent of households currently own a DAB+. Listening via IP or TV again fell by a few percent in this survey. In the car, 62 of the 100 minutes are now received digitally, 51 of which are via DAB+. Especially in French-speaking Switzerland, digital radio still lags behind the German-speaking and Italian-speaking part of the country. Likes pre-written The FM band in Switzerland will be permanently shut down at the end of 2024. Full details of the new biannual survey find you through this way.

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Twitter: The podcast in spaces

It became apparent last week that Twitter is making several attempts to revive its acoustic offering, Spaces. What has been announced now may interest us. Twitter will integrate podcasts into the Spaces tab. There, one will then be able to find dedicated hubs, which will be called “stations”, and group content based on the topic. This will relate to both popular podcasts and content that is currently being streamed in Spaces Rooms or recorded. Currently, this is only published for English speaking users of iOS and Android. Whether there will also be a desktop version will depend on the feedback Twitter gets from users. (HVG)

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