Quick clarity on the transfer after Feyenoord’s new offer of a wanted striker

Monday August 2, 2021 at 9:11 pm• Mart van Mouurik • Last update: 22:57

The Portuguese says it will be clear in a few days whether Andraz Sporer will switch from Sporting Portugal to Feyenoord. the ball Monday night. The 27-year-old Slovenian would like to leave for De Koep himself, and so his players’ agent offered the attacker to Feyenoord, who would like to cut a deal with the Portuguese. Rotterdam’s first offer of four million euros was set aside the black, but Feyenoord has now made a new proposal, it seems.

“A source close to Sporer said that he is very happy to move to Feyenoord,” the sports newspaper wrote. Made last tuesday register Already a report of an alleged interest from Rotterdam, who, however, saw the offer of four million euros for the striker rejected. Remarkably enough explained international football The day after the news, by the way, coach Frank Arnesen did not have the budget required to bring in the striker and Portuguese reports would be incorrect.

So now, a new Portuguese moderator comes along with the message that Feyenoord has already made an offer, and that an improved offer is on the table. The offer has been increased to €4.5 million, which can go up to €7 million after bonuses. Reportedly, Sporting can count on a compensation of €500,000 for each goal achieved as a bonus, so five goals must be achieved in total. The content of those goals was not disclosed. Furthermore, there will be a resale percentage involved in the potential transfer.

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With the supply now on the table, the expected loss, provided Sporar achieves the set goals, can be limited or even converted into a profit. The 30-time Slovenia international was taken from Slovan Bratislava in January 2020 for six million euros. However, his stay in Lisbon was not a huge success. In 38 matches, he scored 11 goals and 6 assists, before moving to SC Braga six months ago on a rental basis. There he scored 3 goals in 21 official matches.

Sporar was trained by NK Interblock Ljubljana and secured a transfer to FC Basel in the service of NK Olimpija Ljubljana, which paid less than four million euros. In Switzerland and during the rental period with Armenia Bielefeld, he did not attend, after which he left for Slovan Bratislava. His figures in the Slovak service are impressive: 60 goals and 17 assists in 78 official matches. He made Sporting decide to pay him six million euros, but in Portugal he is now out of reach and coach Ruben Amorim does not call him in preparation.

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