Qantas Offers Surprise Tours | Aviation News

Qantas Offers Surprise Tours |  Aviation News

Stephanie Tully, chief customer officer at Qantas Group, said the aim of the surprise flights was to provide Australians with “unforgettable travel experiences” and boost domestic tourism. “It’s a bit vague to our clients that they can travel within Australia and they cannot. The launch of vaccines brings a lot of certainty and local border restrictions will soon be a thing of the past. To create an experience for many people who want to travel again.”

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Surprise flights depart approximately two hours from Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to an unknown destination. As part of creating a unique in-flight experience, the flights will include a series of panoramic fly-over flights at a low altitude over the major landmarks of the route (subject to weather conditions and air traffic control). On-site experiences can be anything from a wine-making course in a leading Australian wine region to a gourmet lunch with musical entertainment on the shores of one of Australia’s tropical island wonders.

Clients are given directions in advance to make sure the outing suits their interests. This also helps them pack the correct items in their hand luggage.

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