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[تحقق من أحدث المعلومات حول تعاون Fujimi]
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Launched a partial boost to Fujimi’s cooperation

Enhancing Fujimi cooperation personality by Yamamoto P gacha suddenly implemented.
With a total of 10 gachas, it was decided to strengthen 8 bodies.

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→[Puzzle & Dragons]Fujimi cooperation personality will be strengthened! Yamamoto P’s gacha Challenge will be held!

Today, the performance is released after boosting 4 of them!

Comparison of performance before and after stiffening

* Screen after optimization is under development and subject to change.

Magic Lane

Magic Clean strengthened captain skills!
Regardless of the perfect optimization content, there might be many people who feel comfortable about that optimization content right now just for that character.
If skill has an effect, it will affect your dungeon rating.

(Left) Before the Reinforcement: (Right) After the Reinforcement

Zelgadis Greywords

Zelgadis has added “damage reduction” to his skill, and the skill of the leader is also greatly improved!
As a captain, there are still unknown parts, but as a captain, I became very excellent.

(Left) Before the Reinforcement: (Right) After the Reinforcement

Gori Gabriev

Skill … undergone a magic remodeling …! In any case, the added “Inappropriateness of absorption of the attribute” …
Plus, the skill of the leader is also totally ridiculous. There is no effect like “adding combo”, but if the zoom is good it looks like you can stand on top …!

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(Left) Before the Reinforcement: (Right) After the Reinforcement

Kaname Chidori

Kaname’s skills and leadership skills have been enhanced almost perfectly!

The ‘no-absorbable attribute’ added at the time of reprinting this collaboration will have a two-cycle effect as soon as possible …
As for the skill of the commander, both the attack multiplier and the number of combo add have increased, so the operation will improve greatly!

(Left) Before the Reinforcement: (Right) After the Reinforcement

The remaining four bodies …

The remaining four bodies are especially excellent, and they seem to be struggling to adapt as it featured new characters.
I think it will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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