Putin’s Tjardo Vollema participates in the Misters of the Netherlands: ‘I want to win’

Putin's Tjardo Vollema participates in the Misters of the Netherlands: 'I want to win'

Show clothes, pretend to camera and keep fit. These are just three parts that would go well with a modeling career. Tjardo Vollema (21 years old) was born in Putin and has a chance to become the most beautiful man in the Netherlands. “The candidacy of the Dutch gentlemen came out of thin air.”

De Puttenaar studies in Leeuwarden and is still in Gelderland Village regularly. “I also work here for a company in the industrial area and I play sports here as well.”

Tjardo Folima

Tjardo was spotted via Instagram. The organization started following me, and then it happened Likes In several photos and after a while I was asked if I wanted to participate in this modeling competition. “

De Butinard sincerely said, “Yes.” “I never thought about becoming the most beautiful man in the Netherlands,” he says. “I love sports, I love football and I go to the gym regularly. I think it’s an honor for me that they asked me to.”

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Tijardo Folima has reached the final of the film “The Most Beautiful Man in the Netherlands”. Photos in the Randmeren neighborhood

Ladies of the Netherlands

“At first I thought that there were only female competitions in the modeling world,” Tajardo says. “But nothing is less healthy. Holland ladies for men and I can be a part of it. I think that’s really cool.”

Get rid of those preconceptions

Scouts Day was mid-September. About 130 men met in Rotterdam. Of these, 40 men, including Tjardo, were chosen to become the master of the Netherlands. “People can sometimes have prejudices. These paradigms are meaningless. Chosen men are very gentle and spontaneous. They are not only beautiful, but they also have substance and know what they’re talking about. So you can get rid of these prejudices at sea.”

My goal is to become an international model

International modeling

Tjardo has already modified his future. “If I win, that means a great opportunity for a modeling career. Now that I have had a chance to win the title, I am a designer and I really want to win! One of my goals is to become an international model. Let these people come, and I am happy to submit autographs,” concludes the potential gentleman from Holland .

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The most beautiful man in the Netherlands 2021

The most beautiful man in the Netherlands will be announced in March 2021. Until then, you can vote (by sending an SMS to a paid number) or like their pictures for free on this social site of Misters of the Netherlands and Instagram, where Tjardo currently has the most number Of likes.

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