Putin’s spokesman describes the outcome of talks with the United States and Europe as ‘alarming’

Putin's spokesman describes final consultations with the United States and Europe as 'worrying'

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in the Kremlin earlier this week.AP . image

“We’ve come to some sort of agreement, but in general we can say that we’re on two completely different paths, and it’s not good, it’s worrying,” Peskov said on CNN. Fareed Zakaria GPS, which will be broadcast on Sunday, but a copy of it has already been published.

Several diplomatic meetings were held last week between envoys from the Russian and US governments. Consultations were also held with European representatives. The Russians are demanding security guarantees that will be necessary to calm the situation. These include the withdrawal of NATO forces from Eastern Europe and the promise that Ukraine will never be part of the military alliance. NATO refuses to make such a commitment.

The United States is concerned about Russian forces near the border with Ukraine. There are fears of a raid, something Russia has no plans for. But according to a Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, Russia is “actively working to create a pretext for a possible raid.” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that if a Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred, it could begin “between mid-January and mid-February”.

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