Putin wants to make Russia independent of foreign technologies

Putin wants to make Russia independent of foreign technologies

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to make his country independent of foreign technologies.

The basics in brief

  • Because of cyber attacks, the head of state wants to rely on his products and software.

At a Russian security meeting, Putin said that in the face of a large number of foreign cyber-attacks since the start of Operation Ukraine, Russia should “radically reduce the risks associated with the use of foreign software, computer technology and communications equipment.” Council on Friday. The way to achieve this goal is to “transition to national equipment, technology, software and products”.

Putin said the cyber attacks he led came from different countries, but that they were “precisely controlled”. It mainly targeted Russian media websites, financial institutions, public services and government portals. The Kremlin chief stressed that Russia was “largely” prepared for the attacks.

According to Putin, Moscow also suffers from “restrictions on access to foreign computer technology” as part of Western sanctions. A number of Western suppliers have discontinued their technical support.

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