PSV Eindhoven swung thanks to Fermann and De Jong’s goals against Arsenal and qualified for the knockout stage | Dutch football

PSV Eindhoven swung thanks to Fermann and De Jong's goals against Arsenal and qualified for the knockout stage |  Dutch football

with summaryPSV Eindhoven secured the knockout stage of the European League on Thursday evening. Because PSV Eindhoven beat Arsenal 2-0 and lost Bodo/Glimt in Zurich, PSV are second in the group anyway. Ruud van Nistelrooy’s side owes the win over London in particular to the second half unleashed and a golden substitute by Luc de Jong.

After the big hit in Groningen last Sunday (4-2), Ruud van Nistelrooy made two changes to the starting line-up for the Arsenal match. Jared Branthwaite replaced disappointing Armando Obispo in central defense and allowed Eric Gutierrez to start in midfield in place of Gus Thiel.

Eindhoven logically had something to make up for. Despite the fact that PSV Eindhoven had already managed to score two goals before the end of the first half at the fully-sold Philips Stadium, the two teams went to rest with a score of 0-0. Both Jackbo and Simmons’ goals were canceled for offside.

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Xavi Simmons scores beautifully, but sees his goal not allowed for offside. © ANP

Although PSV Eindhoven netted twice, Arsenal had possession of the ball most of the time during those first 45 minutes. The guests were not really dangerous, given the very low tempo of the ball. Coach Ruud van Nistelrooy will not be unhappy with the first company. But as previously expected, the PSV Eindhoven coach made a change.

A golden change, as it turned out moments later. Anwar El-Ghazi remained in the dressing room, replaced by Luc de Jong. The presence of the striker immediately had a huge impact on the PSV game, which again had a real point of contact in the attack.

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Luke, Luke, Luke

PSV opened the scoring after 57 minutes of play. Andre Ramalho expected a throw-in from Arsenal, after which De Jong kept the ball well with him, took an overview and played with Joey Fermann. The striking midfielder received the ball in the penalty area, after which he shot the ball diagonally past Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale and left: 1-0.

Watch Joey Firman 1-0 here. The text continues below the video.

It wasn’t long before they celebrated again at Phillips Stadium. Ramsdale himself was mistaken for a corner kick, after which De Jong headed the ball for PSV Eindhoven’s second goal of the evening: 2-0. After those two quick hits, PSV Eindhoven found the net again. Once again it was Gakpo, but this time also his goal was disallowed due to offside.

Watch Luuk de Jong’s 2-0 here. The text continues below the video.

For Eindhoven, it was shivering again when Arsenal showed up at 16. But goalkeeper Walter Benitez and Branthuite prevented the guests from scoring. We had to wait for the result in Switzerland, where FC Zurich and Bodeau/Glimt tied 1-1. But when Zurich won 2-1 in the final, the knockout stage for PSV Eindhoven was a reality.

Luke de Jong after his goal against Arsenal.
Luke de Jong after his goal against Arsenal. © Reuters

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