Protest against gas extraction at Turnard • FvD and CU conferences

Protest against gas extraction at Turnard • FvD and CU conferences

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good morning! In their conferences today, ChristenUnie and the Forum for Democracy are looking forward to next year’s county council elections, and protests in Friesland are organizing against gas extraction by NAM and Shell.

First, the weather: This morning the sun will rise regularly, and then the clouds will increase later. This afternoon it will stay dry in most places and it won’t get hotter than 10 degrees.

Weather Square

What do you expect today?

  • Too much politics: ChristenUnie holds her conference in Amersfoort and the Forum for Democracy does the same in Zaandam. Both parties are mainly looking forward to the provincial council elections in March next year.
  • At Holwerd, in Friesland, there is a protest by, among others, the Wadden Society and the Milieudefensie. They don’t want NAM and Shell to extract natural gas underground near Ternaard.
  • There is a demonstration in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, against Prime Minister Orban, who is at odds with the European Commission over European aid money and corruption in his country. About 100,000 people are expected.

What did you miss?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the US media and communications regulator, has banned the sale and import of telecom equipment from China’s Huawei. The Company would pose an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States.

Four other Chinese companies are prohibited from selling and importing. This concerns Hikvision and Dahua Technology, which produce smart cameras. Communications group ZTE is also no longer allowed to operate in the US, as is radio system maker Hytera.

Because of fears of Chinese espionage, the United States has been trying to act against technology companies from this country for some time. The five companies mentioned have been on the ban list for some time. Yesterday, the FCC made a final decision on that.

Other news of the night:

Then this:

About 2,500 naked people posed for a photo on Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia. American photographer Spencer Tunick wants to draw attention to skin cancer with pictures. The photoshoot represents more than 2,000 people who die from the disease each year in Australia.

To get the photos, the law had to be changed temporarily: It is usually illegal to walk around naked on Bondi Beach.

Environmental Protection Agency

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