Pro League hockey players are too strong for Argentina | other sports

Pro League hockey players are too strong for Argentina |  other sports

Dutch hockey players convincingly beat Argentina in the professional league. In Malden, near Nijmegen, the score was 5-2 for the team of national coach Jeroen Delmy.

Jayer van der Horst put the Netherlands ahead in the second minute. Ten minutes later, Jeb Jansen made it 2-0 with a penalty kick, after which Bram van Batum set the first-half score 3-0. Shortly after the second half, Queen Beijing and Tjip Hodemakers took the lead 5-0, but the orange didn’t advance further in the rest. Nicolas Della Torre and Martin Ferrero narrowed the margins on behalf of the Argentines, who had opportunities in the final stage to trim the deficit even more.

The South American Delmy team did not compete in the strongest formation. The Bloomingdale and Pinocchi hockey players, who faced each other last week in the final for the national title, got a little rest. They will head to England later this week for two matches.

Orange team occupies sixth place in the professional league with 19 points. Of the seven matches he played, five were won and two ended in a draw. Teams above the Netherlands have played many matches.

Tomorrow the hockey players will play against Argentina again, also in Malden.

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