Private plane with four people on board crashes off the coast of Latvia | Currently

Private plane with four people on board crashes off the coast of Latvia |  Currently

The Swedish rescue service reported that a private plane taking off from southern Spain crashed off the coast of Latvia on Sunday evening. Various foreign media reported that four people were said to have been on the plane. There is no trace of them.

The Lithuanian Air Force said that a Lithuanian Air Force helicopter had been sent to the crash site for search and rescue at the request of neighboring Latvia. German newspaper picture He writes that the passengers are a pilot, a man, a woman and their daughter. This information has not been confirmed.

Before colliding with the Baltic Sea, the plane was traveling on a wonderful path. She flew from Jerez in southern Spain and twice made a roundabout near Paris and Cologne. Then it crossed the Baltic Sea, passing through the Swedish island of Gotland.

Fighter planes were called up from a NATO mission in Estonia to follow the plane. According to the Swedish Rescue Service, they reported that no one was visible in Cessna’s cockpit. They reportedly did not contact the device.

Passengers write that they may have passed out during the crash due to loss of cabin pressure picture. The cause of the crash is not yet known, except that radar showed that the plane had lost speed and altitude just before the crash, according to the Swedish rescue service.

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