Prince Harry ‘cannot return to England’ for security reasons | Property

Prince Harry 'cannot return to England' for security reasons |  Property

Prince Harry ‘cannot return to England’ due to security risks. A statement from his spokesman said Harry, his wife Meghan and their children Archie and Lilipet did not feel safe in the country without proper protection.

Harry pays for his personal security at his California home. However, Harry and Meghan’s US Security Service cannot provide the necessary security while the couple is in the UK with their children. According to the prince, security guards lack the legal powers in Great Britain for this.

Prince Harry now wants to challenge in court the British Home Office’s refusal to allow him to pay for police protection during his visits to his homeland, according to the BBC.

The family spokesperson maintains that Harry and Meghan have not made paying for their security a problem. They don’t want to burden the British taxpayer with that. On his last visit to England in July 2021, to unveil a statue of his mother Diana, Harry did not feel safe. After that, the paparazzi chased his car and there was not enough protection. This incident is the direct cause of the legal suit that the Prince has now brought.

Harry says he feels compelled to say something about the situation, because British newspapers have started reporting it. “The UK will always be Prince Harry’s home and the country where he wants his wife and children to feel safe,” the statement concluded. “But with the lack of police security comes great personal risks.”

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