Press freedom concerns after Meghan Markle’s legal victory over British tabloids

Press freedom concerns after Meghan Markle's legal victory over British tabloids

Meghan Markle at the Global Citizen Live event in New York in 2021.Reuters photo

The statement released by the 40-year-old actress and wife of Prince Harry began after three British professional judges found her right. For the Duchess and her husband, it is a huge victory for the tabloids, which they detest.

And while cheers erupted in California, where the famous couple reside, there was amazement in London at the verdict. mail on sunday She had strong indications that the release of the letter was part of a propaganda attack by Meghan and that she had always intended to spread it on the street. The Duchess’s friends will be gossip magazine the people About the contents of the letter, Omar Scobey, her spokesperson and biographer, was also informed. It is about an emotional letter from Megan to Father Thomas, with whom she has an abusive relationship.

In their ruling, the judges stated in several words that it was up to Meghan to determine what happens to the letter and how to get it published. Prominent media attorney Mark Stevens said in a statement that the ruling gives celebrities more control over how they are published. In Britain at least. In the United States, where the constitution provides for freedom of the press and expression, the media can spread the message that Thomas Markle leaked without any problem.

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Remarkably, it never led to a real trial between Megan and mail on sunday came. The Duchess opted for a shortened legal procedure in which no witnesses are heard in court, which is what the newspaper wanted. For example, the newspaper wanted to ask questions about its credibility. For example, Megan claimed that she did not collaborate with the Scooby book Searching for freedom. It later turned out to be the case. The judges described this case as an “unfortunate case of amnesia”.

Conservative politicians believe that judges have taken the legislature’s seat by crafting new privacy legislation. Ministers are now looking for ways to restore the balance between press freedom and the right to privacy. mail on sunday She is considering an appeal to the British High Court. But it is uncertain whether this case will be accepted there. The only alternative is to involve the European Court of Human Rights. This would be a big step for the skeptical newspaper in Europe.

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