Presents #klz: Mechanical Engineering Koller: First the Man, Then the Machine

Presents #klz: Mechanical Engineering Koller: First the Man, Then the Machine

“The possibility of creating a complex workpiece out of a piece of metal, the so-called blank, fascinated me from the start,” says Heinz Fellner with bright eyes.

subordinate Manufacturing Technician He has been with the company since 1996 kohler mechanical engineering Works. It all started with his professional training as a machine worker (today a chopping technician). After LAP, he stayed with the company and became a CNC lathe specialist. He operated almost all of the company’s lathes, from small to large, including the circular lathe. When he was offered the position of foreman, he knew it was a challenge he wanted to meet. On Fridays and Saturdays he would go to school at the master craftsman and company school, but during the week he was already working in his new position.

Today, Heinz works in scheduling, process improvement, and as a junior coach. Working on solutions with and with the client, finding new ways to be able to constantly ensure high quality in the company and working with a team in which everyone knows each other and can count on each other, which makes work exciting for him.

Heinz Fellner has been part of the Maschinenbau Koller family since 1996
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Strong education at home

But vocational training is also an important affair for him. He accompanies his fellow trainees from the first introductory meeting to the final apprenticeship examination for instrument technicians. In the company’s training workshop with its own machines, trainees learn how to handle metal, turning, milling and grinding. Lessons can be used for stress-free practice and knowledge can be enhanced, and if you have any questions, the coach or someone from the team is always available. The strengths and weaknesses of each individual are discussed. If something is difficult for a person, they will be given more time or discussed again together. The apprenticeship period ended after 3½ years and ends with LAP. There are currently 13 interns working at Maschinenbau Koller and 8 interns at our sister company in Lannach.

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Having its own training workshop is very important for the company as it guarantees the high quality of training.

Our new interns who started in September 2021
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More quality of life for employees thanks to 4 days a week

Since October 4, both office staff and teams in machines, working in two shifts, have the opportunity to choose from different working time models: 4 days a week, a combination of 4 and 5 days weeks, RESI model and the classic 5-day week.

“We wanted to provide our employees with added value and it was immediately clear that many of them were really enjoying it,” Managing Director Wolfgang Grabner reports on the team’s initial comments. No one is forced to be lucky, everyone decides for themselves which model they want to work with.

The total weekly working time of 38.5 hours is the same for all models and this does not result in a financial disadvantage for any variant. Well-designed presence concepts make it possible for the times of goods release, deliveries, meetings, and inquiries to remain the same. This changes nothing for customers and suppliers in the process.

The form can be changed once a year. At BVT in Lannach, the sister company of kohler mechanical engineeringFlexible working time forms will be submitted on January 1, 2022.

Managing Directors Josef Kranbetter (left) and Wolfgang Grabner
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Quality of work in the quality company

Maschinenbau Koller is certified for outer space As well as defending according to EN9100 standard and continuing the continuous development of quality management. But the scope of services also includes parts processing for other sectors such as railway technology, shipbuilding, power plants, motor sports, industrial plants, mechanical engineering and mining machinery.

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Large components up to 10 meters in length and 60 tons in weight can be processed here.

Metal processing includes CNC milling, turning, milling, sawing, and high-precision measuring. When it comes to workpieces, it’s all about accuracy down to the thousandth of a millimeter. Due to its size (85 employees at Koller, 65 at sister company BVT Lannach), wide product range and the highest quality standards, Koller is crisis-resistant.

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