Premiere of Belgian “It Melts” and “The Eight Mountains” at US Sundance Film Festival | Movie

Premiere of Belgian "It Melts" and "The Eight Mountains" at US Sundance Film Festival |  Movie

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the most important independent film festivals in the United States and is held in Salt Lake City, Utah every year at the end of January. It Melts, along with eleven other international films, has a chance to win prizes in the World Dramatic Film Competition. “Being at Sundance is such a wonderful gift for the hard work that everyone has put into this movie. To receive such an invitation immediately after the movie is completed and then outside, that’s the dream scenario,” says Ferrell Paytens.

And The Eight Mountains will receive its North American premiere at Sundance in the Spotlight, showcasing the best films that have already screened at other international film festivals. “We are so excited to be able to return to Sundance, America’s most prestigious festival for independent film,” says Felix van Groningen at First Reaction. “We very much look forward to bringing the film to American audiences in anticipation of its US release in April 2023.” Furthermore, since 2016 a Flemish film has been shown in competition at the American Festival. The honor then went to “Belgica”, another project by Felix van Groningen

a look. Trailer “The Eight Mountains”.

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