Pregnant dog Matilda saves four from a hospice fire in Leningrad, Russia

Pregnant dog Matilda saves four from a hospice fire in Leningrad, Russia

A hero dog recovers from severe burns after it rang the alarm about a terrible fire that has saved four terminally ill people in a shelter.

The animal barked to alert its owner about the fire, as it collided with the burning building in the Leningrad region of Russia.

The dog fainted from carbon monoxide, and suffered horrific burns.

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All four residents of the private nursing home were safely rescued from the fire after calling the fire service.

But the hybrid Matilda was not saved until later, and he suffered serious injuries.

Volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich rescued the animal.

A report stated that a pregnant dog “cries and trembles with pain, but endures everything heroically.”

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Now animal defenders are fighting in the Vasilek shelter in St. Petersburg, so you have to save the dog from monstrous burns.

“Matilda’s face, neck and stomach were severely burned,” the shelter said in a statement.

“She was checked by a fertility specialist who looked at her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies.

“They are all alive and developing well.

“Now it is impossible to understand how many children she is carrying, because she is such a big dog.”

But Matilda – known as Moti – will not be able to feed the puppies because her nipples are so badly burned.

After the fire, the lodge owner was unable to care for the dog due to the injury, according to reports.

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