‘Predator’ fans go crazy after ‘Prey’ announcement

'Predator' fans go crazy after 'Prey' announcement

next chapter in predator It looks very interesting. During Disney + Day, the first image was released and we learned more about the new movie. Fans seem to be thrilled with the project.

The movie bears the name victim And he gets a great story. It happened about 300 years ago, in the United States. There we follow a Native American female warrior, who is being hunted by a Predator.

victim by Disney +
victim It has been in the pipeline for some time. Director Dan Trachtenberg came up with the idea for the movie in 2016, when he was still writing the movie skulls He wanted to call. the first PredatorA movie from 2018 out of his hand and it still looks very interesting.

Fans definitely think so, because they’re very happy with what some are actually saying “Best Predator movie ever” can become.

Here are some of the many responses:

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