PostNL on allegations of sub-fraud Belgium: ‘no signals received’

PostNL on allegations of sub-fraud Belgium: 'no signals received'

Belgian tax authorities investigated tax fraud by subcontractors working for PostNL, among others. Belgian business magazine De Tijd writes that millions have been imposed on tax claims.

PostNL said in a written response to NOS that it had “not received any signals”. “It is not from the tax authorities and it is not from the entrepreneurs. Of course we want the parties we work with to abide by the law. We conduct audits and also engage external auditors. If it turns out that a party does not abide by the law and the rules then we take action and end the cooperation.”

Bankrupt companies

De Tijd says it has documents in its possession that bear the names of the subcontractors who delivered the packages in Belgium on behalf of PostNL. According to the magazine, the list raises questions. For example, there are companies that are declared bankrupt. There are also companies that are officially registered in other activities, such as a construction company or catering facility.

Also, some drivers may not have a bank account number. The Belgian tax authorities say that there are 29 files on the express mail services being processed. A spokesperson told the Belgian newspaper, “Of these, 21 have already been settled, resulting in a payment of 11.7 million euros in the taxes claimed. They are already subcontractors, for example, PostNL.”

PostNL says any scam has nothing to do with their business operations and the rates they charge deliverers. We see delivery entrepreneurs who we’ve worked with for years, who grow with us and run a healthy and growing company within the rules, ”a spokesperson says.

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