Post-game quote book: What the Giants said after disturbing the Seahawks

Post-game quote book: What the Giants said after disturbing the Seahawks

What did the New York Giants say after beating the Seattle Seahawks 17-12 on Sunday? Let’s find out.

Colt McCoy, for his play …

McCoy completed 13 passes out of 22 for 105 yards.

McCoy said, “I am very proud to be part of this team.” “We didn’t have any points in the first half and the defense was turning off the lights and we gathered together and helped me out, they calmed me down. I felt like I played a little better as the match continued. I was seeing a lot of things early on. They pressed too much and I wasn’t confused in a lot of Looks, I was seeing it so fast. I just needed to calm down and take a breath and as soon as we started managing football, I felt a lot better. “

Leonard Williams in defense …

Williams had 2.5 of the Bags of the Five Giants. They’ve also hit Seattle midfielder Russell Wilson 10 times, and according to Pro Football Focus, he’s got 23 pressures overall.

“I think schematically we did a good job of making (Wilson) feel the pressure and making him uncomfortable,” said Williams. “He felt like he had a guy on his side and he had to hold the ball. I felt like we were facing him from a lot of angles and it made him a bit confused at times. In general, he’s the head offense for being the midfielder and making him uncomfortable is what we need to do. I guess.” We did a good job on that. “

Williams on turning giants …

The Giants have won four straight matches and five of seven since the 0-5 season start.

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“It’s been an exciting season,” said Leonard Williams, the defensive man. “I think the beginning of the season is when the team, youth and coaches have proven to each other what kind of team we already have. It’s easier to be happy and see good things when you win, but I feel like we all see the good in each other and what we have, even when we are losing. It helped to continue building our trust in each other and building on what we do here. In the end, it turns into a snowball and it continues to build. I feel we have a real culture here now and I love the way this team is doing. “

Wayne Galman in the second half

The Giants were eliminated in the first half and ran only 33 yards. They finished with 17 points and 190 yards.

“The only thing that changed is we knew we needed to go out and hit them first. Really, that was it. We knew we couldn’t play anymore. Just to be short with ourselves, and really believe in ourselves in the second half. Really just an execution. He said.” Galman: “That was the biggest thing we had.”

Alfred Morris on his chance with the Giants …

“I’ll be honest, most days I didn’t even suspect it, but there were a few days where I would doubt, ‘Oh man, why am I training, why am I doing this? Looks bleak … ‘But I’ve always been reminded of why I kept working and had the opportunity for that I’m so grateful. It’s been a while since I have reached the finish zone, so today it felt good to get there not once, but twice. Shout out to Wayne (Gallman Jr.) to prepare all of these! “

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