‘Porsche is in talks with Formula One teams, but car manufacturer lacks all entry components’

'Porsche is in talks with Formula One teams, but car manufacturer lacks all entry components'

Porsche has yet to fully surrender its entry into Formula 1. The German car manufacturer initially wanted to work with Red Bull Racing, but the Formula 1 teams withdrew from the negotiations. This made it appear that Porsche had shelved its plans, but the automaker found a few other potential candidates. However, there is little chance that the plan, if ever launched, will succeed.

The deal between Porsche and Red Bull appears certain, but the German automaker was a bit greedy in the opinion of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. Porsche wanted to get at least fifty percent in the engine department. Red Bull decided to stop the talks and Porsche had to put their plans aside. The sounds were that the car manufacturer only wanted to enter into a partnership with Red Bull, meaning the entry was completely off the track.

However, it doesn’t seem like Porsche has completely given up on her dreams. “FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem said before the US Grand Prix that Porsche is still in talks with some teams,” he usually writes well informed. Cars, Sports and Sports. Three teams have been mentioned that might want to collaborate. “AlphaTauri, Haas and Williams are the likely candidates in the current circuit.”

Porsche faces many problems

However, Porsche has some problems. The car manufacturer wanted to choose a team that already had the entire infrastructure. However, this is not the case with midfield teams. AlphaTauri uses the wind tunnel for Red Bull and Haas buys various parts from Ferrari. If Porsche intervenes, this cooperation will likely end. Williams is still the most independent team, but “the resources used are outdated”.

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according to Cars, Sports and Sports Not even proper infrastructure. Audi, which will appear in 2026, has this infrastructure. Porsche has no idea how to build an engine, while Audi already has an engine ready. That’s why Porsche also wanted to work with Red Bull. The engine will already be there and Porsche can support Red Bull with its technical know-how. Therefore, the chance of a car manufacturer appearing in 2026 or later is slim.

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