Popular Swiss food in Twente in the run-up to the European Championship quarter-finals: “Not easy to get!” | European Football Championship

Popular Swiss food in Twente in the run-up to the European Championship quarter-finals: "Not easy to get!"  |  European Football Championship

The day after the late win over the French (after the penalty shootout, it was now midnight) she was free. Although she still had to get up early to take care of her two children, Madelaina (4) and Gian-Marc (2). She couldn’t sit still for the rest of the week.

Don’t pull

Her comment that Swiss walnut cake is for sale did not go unnoticed. “Cakes have not been available all week. I have never sold that many before this week.”

Dozens of pies, with walnuts as the main ingredient, were sold last week. “Normally I sell about ten a week, and now I sell thirty to forty.” Please note: It is charged until Friday morning.

After that, husband Jan Kouert was able to return to work. “I’m just taking a fresh batch out of the oven,” says Florina, who counts on more clients in the future. “You’d better book over the phone if you want one.”

Also clients from outside the village

Clients come not only from Den Hamm itself, but also from other places in Twente. There were people from Almelo who read the story in the newspaper. They came to Den Ham specifically for the cake.”

And it’s not just the Swiss pie. “I also made a pastry with the Swiss flag on it this week.” In addition to being a huge fan of Switzerland, she is also an entrepreneur… “We are now in a good flow.”

A flurry that could end after Friday, Spain were allowed to knock the Swiss out of the tournament (start of the match: 6pm). But the real optimist Florina does not count on this: “We beat Spain too, albeit by a narrow margin.”

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Florna Captain in her Swiss shirt, in front of her bakery’s display case, Bakker Captain, emblazoned with Swiss flags, has every reason to cheer. Her country reached the quarter-finals of the European Championships and its Swiss walnut cakes are unstoppable. © Ron Hymenk

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