Polls for 2020 live: The latest rift between Trump and Biden as Florida breaks the vote early in the day

Polls for 2020 live: The latest rift between Trump and Biden as Florida breaks the vote early in the day
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in Delaware on Monday

Donald Trump appears to be curtailing Joe Biden’s lead in polls in Pennsylvania – a swing state that both campaigns see as an important path to the White House in the 2020 election – while competitors are currently fickle in North Carolina.

According to Monday’s latest Reuters / Ipsos poll, the Republican president is four points behind the Democratic contender in Cole, which he won four years ago, with campaign manager Bill Stephen reportedly telling staff that Trump is the “momentum” candidate. The race enters the last two weeks.

Even so, Biden still tops most polls nationwide, with Florida inaugurating early voting yesterday and scoring 350,000 ballots as it rained down.

Check out the updates and live coverage of The Independent below:


Biden and Trump remain deadlocked in Georgia despite changes in the Senate race

New York Times correspondent Nate Cohen noticed a change in the Senate race in Georgia, although the President and Joe Biden remained at a standstill:

Chris Ryota20 October 2020 18:10


Trump makes an appeal to Democratic strongholds as he attacks his home town

The president, a longtime New Yorker who moved his permanent residency to Florida after winning the 2016 election, attacks again his old state as he issues an appeal to vote just weeks before his election.

Chris Ryota20 October 2020 17:20


Daily advice for Kamala Harris for Tuesday 20th October

As per the Senator’s daily instructions: On Tuesday, October 20, Kamala Harris will participate in a virtual march in Milwaukee to begin the first day of early personal voting in Wisconsin, which will be open to the press. Media interested in attending must respond to the invitation to attend here.

In the evening, Senator Harris will join virtual Biden in the president’s financial events, which will be compiled from the press.

Chris Ryota20 October 2020 17:17


Bernie Sanders warns that Joe Biden is at high risk of losing to Donald Trump

Senator Bernie Sanders privately voiced his concerns about Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to three people familiar with the talks, and urged the Biden team to intensify its focus on enclave issues and appeal to liberal voters, Sullivan wrote.

Chris Ryota20 October 2020 16:57


‘If Trump loses the lame duck session it will be our punishment’

For Indy SoundsHannah Selinger looks at the direct consequences of defeating this president, who undoubtedly will not take such a scenario well and ensure that our lives will be as miserable as possible until at least late January 2021.

Joe SomeraldOctober 20, 2020 15:54


All you need to know about the upcoming presidential debate

Andrew Naughty and Matt Mathers have answers to life’s constant questions.

Joe Somerald20 October 2020 15:40


Biden offers nine points in the end right Now vote

Here’s the latest news from New York times/ Siena College, which once again puts the Democratic contender ahead of Trump at the national level.

As an interesting counterpoint to these consistently pro-Biden polls, it is instructive to look at the Statista’s chart, which shows how many Americans believe they are better off under this president – the majority, and much more under Obama, either Bush or Ronald Reagan.


Democracy campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon has been preaching caution and she is clearly right to do so.

Joe Somerald20 October 2020 13:27


AOC plans for Twitch Stream to receive the vote

New York congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Monday, saying she was compiling some rounds of “Between Us,” a multiplayer video game, to broadcast live on Twitch as a way to get out of the vote.

In doing so, the House resident player appears to have found the modern answer to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s use of the radio to broadcast “face-to-face talks” during the Great Depression.

Joe Somerald20 October 2020 12:05


How the Democrats can win the White House and the Senate

Joe Biden’s victory in the presidency accelerates toward the inevitable outcome if his progress on the ballot is believed. But if Biden has any governing goals outside of ridding America of Donald Trump, he will need his party to win the Senate as well. This is a more doubtful result today, according to major forecasting models.

RealClearPolitics sees the Democrats by a very slim margin – 51-49 if the decision is made in favor of the incumbent leader on the ballot, regardless of the margin. This is a net change of four seats from the current margin of 53-47 in favor of the Republican Party. Control of the room will be handed over from Mitch McConnell in Kentucky to Chuck Schumer in New York.

But other models are more optimistic about the possibilities of the blue wave. The Princeton Election Federation expects it to outperform 53-47 when the Democratic vote is counted. FiveThirtyEight sees a 74 percent chance of democratic control by any margin, but on Saturday it changed its forecast from 51 blue seats to 52.

Michael Salvino picks up the thread

Joe SomeraldOctober 20, 2020 11:21


The Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania papers to be extended for three days

A ruling by the highest court on Earth would allow Keystone to count the votes received up to three days after the election, and to dismiss the Republican petition.

The judges split four into four on Monday, a finding that supports the state’s Supreme Court ruling that allowed election officials to receive and count votes until November 6, even if they don’t have a visible postmark.

Republicans, including Trump’s campaign, opposed such an extension, arguing that it violated federal law defining Election Day as the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and that such a decision is constitutionally up to lawmakers, not the courts.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined three liberal justices for the court to dismiss the Pennsylvania Republicans’ call for the court to block the state court ruling.

Joe Somerald20 October 2020 11:10

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