Poll: What photo editing software do you use?

Poll: What photo editing software do you use?

Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar, Capture One, DxO, Topaz Labs – what photo editing software do you use regularly?

Current scan on photo software

About a year ago, we did a survey about photo editing software here on Photografix. At the time, the survey focused on full-fledged Lightroom alternatives and RAW converters with a wide range of functionality.

This year, I’ve modified the survey a bit and no longer limit it to full-fledged RAW converters, because I was particularly interested in which of the “small” programs you use. The DxO Nik suite, Topaz Labs software, or perhaps the relatively new Radiant Photo? I also added a few “Photoshop alternatives” to the survey including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo, and GIMP.

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What software do you actively use?

Photo editing software costs about a dime and I’m fully aware of that This list is not complete. For example, I completely neglected HDR software. If I add more programs, I felt that the survey would be too long and confusing, so I wanted to limit myself to 25-30 options. If you use other software not expressly mentioned in the survey, the options “Other free software” and “Other paid software” are at least available.

Pay attention, I’m not interested in the software you own that you purchased at some point in time. I am even interested in your programs It is still used at least occasionally even today.

What programs do you use regularly? (multiple answers possible)

As always, feel free to share some insights and insights with us in the comments!

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