“Politics does not belong to Formula 1”

"Politics does not belong to Formula 1"

Not only has Coronavirus dominated the world over the past year, but there has also been a lot of interest in social issues such as racism. Formula 1 has also paid great attention to this, not least because of the dedication of the star driver Lewis Hamilton. The British man has been involved in combating racism and discrimination for years, but in 2020 he came out on top in this field more often. However, it does cause social and political issues to be involved in F1 and that is the movement that Andretti Contrition.

“As a driver, Louis is flawless. The other side is personal. I’ve already voiced my opinion on this before and this caused me some criticism, but I don’t like being politically involved in sports,” Andretti told the “Starting the Network” podcast of Motorsport.com Germany. He cites the Olympics as an example of what he thinks you should be in all sports. “The beauty of the Olympic Games is that delegates from all over the world come together to compete. Everyone is alike and they all have the same goal. Win or not win, regardless of your background.”

According to Andretti, Formula 1 is so universal that it can be compared to the Olympic Games. In addition, the 81-year-old sees another important reason for turning politics away from Formula 1: “Politics, as it is now, divides people. We’ve seen it in the United States,” he points to the divide that has reigned in the United States after the state Donald Trump. “If I say anything somewhat questionable, the discussion starts right away. I don’t like it when it gets mixed up. I think Formula 1 should still be just a sport. Yes, we all have our values, but are you trying to advance your own agenda? Not mine. In my opinion. Politics has its own place, and I would like to see it remain outside of sports. “

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