Polish PM keeps firm in row with EU, Merkel wants dialogue over solution | Abroad

Polish PM keeps firm in row with EU, Merkel wants dialogue over solution |  Abroad

EurotopEurope should continue to talk about finding a solution to the question of Poland. Pushing contradictions into the head is not a good approach, and the “chain” of trials before the European Court is not a solution either. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said this afternoon as she arrived at the European Union summit in Brussels. But Prime Minister Morawiecki said Poland had no intention of backing down.

Behind the scenes, Merkel did everything she could to prevent escalation. Under her pressure, Council President Michel will keep the discussion on Poland as brief as possible later this afternoon. Poland has been at odds with the rest of Europe for years, but the bear has already liberated itself since the Polish Constitutional Court, cheering from the wings of the government, subordinated European law to Polish law.

According to Merkel, the European Commission has taken the right approach so far. She is still studying exactly what the Polish position entails. At the same time, it is looking at options to bring Poland back into the ranks. In theory, this could be done through a court action, the withdrawal of European subsidies or the withdrawal of voting rights in Brussels.

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It is not yet known how many leaders are interfering in the debate over Poland this afternoon. The Benelux certainly intends to do so. My question to the Polish colleague: How do you want to deal with this? Belgian Prime Minister De Croo said, “If you want to be a member of the club, you also have to respect its rules.” Rutte has also already announced that he will definitely participate in the discussion.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at the European Union summit in Brussels © AP

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki does not seem to succumb to squabbling with other countries and EU institutions over the rule of law in his country at the moment. He maintains his view that European law does not always take precedence over national law. Arriving in Brussels for the EU27 Leaders Summit, he argued at length that Poland does not accept that the European Commission or the European Court of Justice always have the last word in the EU.

According to Morawiecki, he “has no difference of opinion” with other EU countries when it comes to the principles of the rule of law. The summit addresses the issue of the rule of law.

In the hall, Poland can count on Hungary’s full support, Prime Minister Orban made it very clear upon arrival: “Poland is the best country in Europe, and there is absolutely no reason to take punitive measures.”

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