Polish Institute: The cat is an alien invasive species | News

Polish Institute: The cat is an alien invasive species |  News

But, says Polish biologist Wojciech Solars, of the Polish Academy of Sciences: “Cats meet 100% criteria for invasive alien species: Solars stresses that there is a growing consensus among scientists that cats contribute to reduced biodiversity.

A woman who wrote The Happy Cat has found other causes of biodiversity decline. This is what she described as an increase in environmental pollution. “Ask if humans are on the list of non-invasive alien species.” I thought the cats were being unfairly blamed for this problem.

Researchers stress that this is not an invitation to euthanize cats, as some local media have suggested. And that the institute against animal cruelty. Scientists also emphasized why the term “foreign” is correct in this case: “Felis catus” was domesticated in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago. So it is an exotic species. The institute calls on people who have cats not to leave the animal outside for too long.

For example, do you now allow your cat to come up with a string? Or did you find other ways? Send a message to our advice line: +31613650952.

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