Police Inspector Max Tierburg takes charge of the mobile unit

Police Inspector Max Tierburg takes charge of the mobile unit

Police Commissioner Sajam Deby Tewar has handed over command of the Mobile Unit (ME) of the Suriname Police Corps (KPS) to Police Inspector Max Tierburg, who is also the Munder Police District Commander.

Debi-Tewarie in a conversation with Waterkant.Net says the transfer was made at his request. It is heading towards the dynamic renewal of the army. It was very rare for a department head within a force to hand over the position to his successor.

Since August 2013, Debbie Tewar has held the position of Mobile Unit Commander. At that time he was also the commander of the Mender district. He drove this unit for nearly 9 years. During that period he carried out various missions within the Legion.

He was then the commander in charge of Latour, then the head of the police academy and most recently the chief of operations at the KPS.

According to the police commissioner, he carried out several operations both at home and in the city. He automatically makes sure that Inspector Terburg as the head of the riot police will do his job well.

In a conversation with Waterkant.Net, Inspector Tirburg says it is a challenge. go for it. “Where there is excessive behaviour, unity will work. Peace and security in the community are ensured in all circumstances.”

Terborg served as Chief of Motorcyclists and Head of the General Monitoring Service (ASD) within the Kosovo Police Service. He has also held various positions in various police stations, including Nieuwe Haven, Uitvlugt and now Munder.

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