Polestar Space at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam

Polestar Space at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands officieel geopend

Polestar, the high-performance electric car brand from Sweden, opened the doors of its brand new Space at the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam last week.

Polestar was already there with pop-up space in the southern phase of the retail experience achieved last year. With the official launch, interested parties can now learn about the brand and models in the permanent space.

The space at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is crafted down to the millimeter of Polestar’s minimalist design philosophy, and it embodies the brand’s innovative approach. Visitors can discover and compose Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 in different ways; Live or via interactive displays and virtual reality in Varjo. Of course there are also demos available for the test drive.

With questions, visitors can always turn to Polestar specialists, experts who can talk about the brand’s philosophy and products and who do not work on a commission basis. Polestar believes it’s important to provide a customer experience in spaces that are truly consumer focused only, without focusing on the hard sell. Visitors decide for themselves how much interaction they want. Once the customer has assembled the perfect Polestar, he can order it online whenever and wherever convenient. The ordered Polestar is then optionally delivered to your home from the Bayside Delivery Center.

At Polestar we don’t have dealers or garages, but we do have spaces. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said that in these fun and quiet places, customers all over the world, and now at Westfield Mall in the Netherlands, can physically experience our cars. Polestar has specifically chosen to open a space in Westfield Mall in the Netherlands because this innovative retail formula fits perfectly with the way the brand wants to facilitate consumers when choosing a new electric vehicle.

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With the opening of the new space in the unique mall housing some 280 stores, restaurants and entertainment providers, the planned Dutch network of Polestar Spaces has largely been launched. The other spaces are in prime locations in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amstelveen and soon also in Amsterdam.

Polestar made its debut in the Netherlands at the end of 2019 with its exclusive Polestar 1, a high-end plug-in hybrid electric motor combining two electric motors and a powerful petrol engine. It delivers 609 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. Thanks to its large battery, this additional hybrid can drive up to 124 kilometers (WLTP) on a full charge.

The Swedish brand made a breakthrough in 2020 with the Polestar 2, an all-electric fastback performance vehicle with space for five, 408 hp, 660 Nm of traction, all-wheel drive and a range of 470 km (WLTP). It is the world’s first vehicle with an Android infotainment system with access to Google apps and services such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and special apps via Google Play Store. Polestar will soon introduce new versions of Polestar 2 that will make it accessible to a wider audience.

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