Poland launches new TV channel to give housewives a glamorous image | healthy

Poland launches new TV channel to give housewives a glamorous image |  healthy

Polish state radio launched a new channel on Monday, on International Women’s Day. TVP Kobieta was created by the government to idealize women’s “at the hearth” lives.

TVP Kobieta’s release video shows beautiful and skinny housewives in a candy-colored home environment with the song Pretty woman In the background. One takes a giant bowl of broccoli from the oven, and smiles as if it has just won the lottery. We see another woman, also cheerful looking, at work wearing yellow household gloves.

The ad has only been running online for a few weeks, but the internet is really teeming with parody. no wonder. The spot, which paints a very conservative image of women, is a parody in and of itself that takes us back to the 1950s.

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Reporter Mark Pearce watched the first broadcast of TVP Kobieta on Monday evening. at New facts Discuss the program on Flemish Radio 1. What did the viewers do for them? “Showcase a hospital, rom-com, or series on flower arrangements.”

Of course there is no shame in flower arrangement, but surprisingly, only one side of a woman appears. “That woman as a nurse looks good, too,” says Pierce on Radio 1, “All TVP Kobieta hosts have long hair, long legs, are extremely thin and have an eternal smile on their faces.” Belgian-Belgian Ewa Dubjko agrees, saying: “It shows a one-sided picture of the typical woman and how she lives.”

Polarized Poland

Also remarkable: On the same day that TVP Kobieta first aired, thousands of striking women took to the streets to protest against the tough new abortion law. “This proves once again the enormous polarization in Poland,” says Pearce. “At exactly the same time that the station started, strikers occupied a very important intersection in the center of Warsaw next to the central station. TVP Kobieta’s slogan is“ Just like you ”but in Polish.“ Just like you? ”Said one of the leading figures on the women’s strike as she watched the advertisement. Not like me then. “

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“There is certainly a polarization. But on the other hand, women have a great opinion of the family in Poland. I notice that in my environment (with my mother, grandmother, stepmother and acquaintances). What I’m saying is maybe it was the control of communism. There was no difference between a man and a woman,” Dubeko says. At the time, both had to work. But since the Law and Justice Party came to power (the National Conservative Party, Liberator) and the abortion options were withdrawn, a lot has changed in this area. “


Opponents of the Polish government believe the channel has a popular, populist and overly conservative view of women

Mark Pierce, Pauline Correspondent

“I must add that a program on women and business will also be broadcast once a week,“ The nuances of Persia. ”After Lithuania, Poland has the largest number of businesswomen in the European Union, so this aspect needs to be addressed. However, no The image of a good woman waiting for her husband at home is still in the minds of Polish government policymakers. Government supporters consider this a completely natural channel. The canal has a separate and populist arc – a conservative view of women. “

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