Poland approves controversial media law, critical TV channel may lose its license | abroad

Poland approves controversial media law, critical TV channel may lose its license |  abroad

Poland’s parliament is still approving a controversial amendment to the media law, after earlier today it voted to delay it until September. Law can lead to popular critical broadcaster TVN24US-owned, lose its license.

Parliament Speaker Elsipita Wittek of PiS held the re-vote after the postponement because no date has been set for the issue to be discussed again. Then suddenly, a slim majority opposed the postponement.

financial problems

The earlier delay was seen as an embarrassment to the conservative ruling Law and Justice party, which was unable to secure a parliamentary majority. Poland’s government coalition had already disintegrated on Tuesday after a vote on the law limiting significant foreign investment in Polish media from outside Europe, and thus press freedom, according to critics.

Thousands of Poles protested in dozens of cities on Tuesday against an amendment to the law, which the government says is aimed at preventing foreign influence through the media. the television It is a news channel that is one of the few channels that are highly critical of the government. American Discovery Group will have to sell its largest stake in the network. This is expected to damage relations with Washington.

minority government

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the leader of a junior coalition partner on Tuesday, after which Jaroslav Gowen, who is also deputy prime minister, ended the cooperation. The government also lost some other votes, and thus lost its majority in Parliament. But in Poland, the government will not fall until Parliament formally relinquishes the confidence. There is a chance for a minority government to rule the country.

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