PlayStation Studios boss deletes tweets that portray PS5 upside down

PlayStation Studios boss deletes tweets that portray PS5 upside down

PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Hermen Hulst quickly deleted a tweet showing the PS5 upside down in his entertainment center.

The PS5 It is a unique controller. Many mocked his weird appearance, likening him to things like an internet router or an “Apple-designed penguin,” as comedian John Oliver put it. One would be forgiven if he looked at its rectangular design and not knowing how to properly position it on its side, but one might also assume the boss of PlayStation Worldwide Studios would know how.

As shown in an official PS5 video released in October, Sony’s new console comes with a modular mount that helps secure the console in both portrait and landscape views. If one does not use the mount, the PS5 can slide off fairly easily, and the disc version will be very crooked when placed on its intended side. If someone puts it on the other side, not only will it still be twisted, but he will also have to put the pills upside down.

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That’s what PlayStation Studios president Hermen Hulst did. Was chief Horizon: Zero Dawn And the Killing area Developer Guerilla Games has posted a video of his pet cat trying to catch it Bogusnax Their own. Looking down at the cat, Hulst’s awkwardly reveals the PS5 the wrong way. Hulst must have realized or was quickly informed that he was displaying his PS5 wrongly, as he quickly deleted a trimmed version of the video and then reposted it. Original crop saved by ResetEra user.

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PlayStation Studios boss deletes tweets that portray PS5 upside down

While this makes it seem as though Sony’s corporate bosses don’t know what to do with the PS5’s weird design, it’s likely a funny accident. Hulst could only set the console to catch some Bogusnax Too fast, or he could really like the way he looks without the chunky black swatch. Regardless, the video might have been better to crop, so the president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios doesn’t seem to endorse the improper use of the PS5, which is likely to lead to some kind of gaming lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time that a Sony head has ended up in a silly situation. Earlier this year, when pioneering architect Mark Cerny gave a roundup of information session on the strength of what he was to reveal at the time. PS5, His soothing voice has been modified into a strangely peaceful ASMR video.

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Source: ResetEra

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