Players to watch Para Archery

Players to watch Para Archery

At the Tokyo 2020 shooting event, 140 athletes (80 men and 60 women) will compete for the gold medal in nine medals, including men’s and women’s singles (W1, open shoe, open check) and mixed pairs (W1, open collector, open check)) ).

While it is always difficult to predict the outcome of a match, there are 10 athletes whose achievements should not be missed.

The Flower of My Grace (IRI)

There is no She has surpassed historical milestones in archery and pushed boundaries in mathematics since winning the gold medal at the 2015 Asian Paralympics Championships. After winning the gold medal at the Paralympic Games at the Open Women’s Singles competitions in both London 2012 and Rio 2016, she was pursuing her third place in Tokyo. In London she also became the first Iranian champion in the Paralympic Games, and in Rio she competed in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Matt Stutzman (United States of America)

Stutzman is also known as “Armless Archer” due to his unique style, and is one of the most iconic faces in Para’s archery. Recently, the American was one of the athletes in the Netflix Paralympic documentary “Rising Phoenix”. Sutzman won a silver medal In the 2012 London men’s singles, but lost in the Round of 16 at Rio 2016. He decided to take a break from the sport before returning with high hopes. Stutzman has participated in several powerful competitions since Rio 2016 to improve his skills and take a bronze medal in the 2019 World Cup after losing 144-142 in the semi-finals against teammate Ben Thompson.

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Choo GiamIn (CHN)

Set as a role model in and out of the shooting range, Zhou is one of China’s great hopes for a gold medal in Tokyo 2020. Young snipers won gold in the women’s singles complex that opened at the 2016 Paralympic Games. An opportunity to make a difference at home as a council representative The people in her city, Zhejiang, where she interacted with people with disabilities. Two years ago she won two gold medals at the World Championships.

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David Druninsky (June)

Drahoninsky is a role model for consistency in Para Archery. His long list of accolades can be traced back to a gold medal he won at the W1 Men’s Swimming Pool in Beijing in 2008. He followed that up with two silvers at the same event in London 2012 and Rio 2016. After nearly two decades in the sport, he ranked first in the world. No. No.2 is still at the highest competitive level and recently won a bronze medal at the 2019 World Cup.

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Jessica Stratton (Britain)

Stretton was a surprising winner at the women’s singles pool W1 in Rio 2016 as the youngest archers to compete. In Tokyo 2020, the challenge will be much greater. Not only is Stretton receiving more attention as a returning Paralympic champion, but she hopes to replicate that feat in a new section. The 21-year-old recently moved into the open pool where she won a silver medal at the 2019 World Championships, setting a new world record.

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Luschthafen Bhattin Hikimoglu (TUR)

Hakimoglu had high hopes of coming to the 2019 World Championships as European champion and first place. He took the challenge in great fashion, claiming the gold in the men’s W1 by defeating Chinese Li Ji 136-134 in a dramatic final, and helping Turkey defend the W1 men’s team title.

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Nour Seyahdeh Aleem (SGP)

Aalem proved she can handle a lot of pressure when she competed in the 2019 World Cup – her debut career -. With her last duels entering the women’s open pool in a gunfight, the Singaporean kept her cool by defeating Paralympic champion Streetton to become the world’s first-ever shooting champion in her country.

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Suresh Silvatambe (money)

An amazing newcomer to the Para shooting scene, Suresh Selvathamby is at the other end of the spectrum for sports veterans. The Malaysian made his debut at the World Cup Finals at S-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands in 2019, while he was ranked 35th in the world and left the competition with a gold medal in the Men’s Open, and in World Ranking No. 1. Tokyo 2020 will be his first Paralympic play.

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Elena Krotova (RPC)

Krutova has made steady progress since her international debut in archery in 2014. The RPC player rose from fifth place at the W1 Women’s World Championship 2017 in Beijing to first place in the 2019 edition of the tournament. Her s-Hertogenbosch gold medal, beating South Korea’s Kim Ok Geum with a convincing score of 130-107 in the final, was her first singles title. To improve on the win, it also helped her reach the world number 1 ranking in W1 for women.

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Harvinder Singh (India)

When Harvinder Singh disembarked from a plane from Indonesia after winning the gold medal at the 2018 Asian Paralympics, he was shocked to discover an airport full of people eager to receive him. India’s Best Archer Para became a household name after this victory, which inspired him to score even higher goals: qualify for Tokyo 2020 and climb onto the Paralympic podium for the first time.

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