Plagiarism lawsuit over Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ dropped | Music

Plagiarism lawsuit over Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' dropped |  Music
Two songwriters have dropped charges against Taylor Swift. Sean Hall and Nathan Butler accused the singer of plagiarism in 2017. She allegedly copied their lyrics in her first number one get rid of From 2014.

Hall and Butler told the Los Angeles judge that they would not pursue the case. The first hearing of the case was scheduled for January 17. According to Reuters, based on court documents, it is not clear whether a settlement has been reached.

in get rid of Swift sings: “Games will play and play and play and play and play, and haters will hate and hate and hate and hate.” Playas Gon’ Play, composed by Hall and Butler, contained the phrases: “Playas, they’ll play, and haters, they’ll hate.” The song was performed by 3LW and released in 2001.

Swift told the court in August that she had never heard “3LW” before get rid of Wrote. She said she had often heard the phrases “players will play” and “haters will hate” used to convey the idea that one can or should let go of negativity.

However, Hall and Butler insisted that the words were too close to be coincidental. They demanded an undisclosed amount of compensation.

A judge had already dismissed the two’s lawsuit in 2018, but a US appeals court revived the case a year later. Now Hall and Butler are drawing a line under this issue themselves.

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