Pixel Feature Drop: Google brings tons of new features to Pixel smartphones – Pixel 6 begins


It’s finally here: A few minutes ago, Google started releasing a file Low pixel feature to Pixel 6 smartphones seem. Users of the current generation of smartphones have had to wait two weeks longer, but they will finally be able to enjoy the new functionality within Google Apps. After all, there are still some exclusive features at the top.

Pixel Drop March 2022

Present Low pixel feature For March, it is now also rolling out for Pixel 6 smartphones with a two-week delay. Update comes in baggage Big March update for the Pixel 6, which consists of the security update, Android 12L and a variety of improvements, among other things. But the functional aspect is particularly interesting and mainly consists of Android 12L and Pixel Feature Drop.

New Features “At a Glance”

Quick overview of Android 12p 6

The Pixel Launcher’s Glance tool contains new features that have little to do with the classic focus of the field: one innovation is displaying the current battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices. Another brings a security scan to this point or delivers alert messages from web search and Google Maps. This may of course be very important depending on the situation, but in most cases it is rather unimportant.

A smart feature deals with the alarm and other alarms: if the next day is a holiday, the alarm can be temporarily deactivated for that day. This is really practical and can secure a lot of sleep in 🙂

battery widget

Pixel launcher battery widget

The Glance widget provides not only battery status information, but also a new standalone tool: it shows the smartphone battery status and all connected Bluetooth devices. With wireless headphones, in the case of the Pixel Buds, there are actually three inputs: the case, the left earplug, and the right earplug. In the screenshots above, you can see how this is displayed and how you can add the widget to the home screen.

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Snapchat Night Vision

Snapchat Google Camera Night Vision

Google’s collaboration with Snapchat continues: the social media app can use the night vision function of the Google Camera on Pixel smartphones. This means that high quality photos and videos can be captured even in completely dark places.

Contact with live translation

It is now possible to call a live translation. If you don’t want to talk or can’t talk when you’re on the phone, you can do the entire phone call in text form: you can see the subtitle of what was said and you can write something yourself, which is then read to the person you’re talking to. So the interlocutor can make a normal call and the pixel user in turn can use a text form.

Gboard stickers suggestions

gboard stickers

Gboard now suggests stickers based on text input. You can see it in the screenshots above and we gave you more details about it a few days ago when we first discovered it In this article Delivered.

New wallpapers

curated pixel smartphone culture wallpaper

Also includes the new Pixel Feature Drop Curated Culture wallpapers. You can check the most famous wallpapers February And the March Here in the blog and download it together.

All innovations in the video

Rolling out features on Pixel smartphones

The plan to launch the pixel dropout feature March 2022

For completeness, plan all the features that will be rolled out this month. As you can see, Pixel 6 users had to wait a little longer, but they can also take advantage of the largest set of updates. However, many features exclusive to other Pixel phones are expected to be released with their upcoming launch in June.

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Some new functionality has already become apparent to all users over the past few days, including on the Pixel 6. This is simply because dropping the feature isn’t a central update, but just a bunch of many small updates within different Google apps.

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