Pilgrim Nation talks about three great American sports: basketball, baseball, and ice hockey

Pilgrim Nation talks about three great American sports: basketball, baseball, and ice hockey

Presenters Bart Jan Westerdwin and Paco Bustieros Leon of Pilgrim Nation talk about American sports with a Leiden twist. (Photo: Jerry Van Buckle).

The Basketball League is coming to an end in America, so focus on the NBA Finals at Pilgrim Nation, then move on to Major League Baseball that just started, and then end up on the ice. Bart Jan Westerdoin and Paco Bustieros Leon discuss the state of sport in the United States.

This year, the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors will compete for the title in the NBA Finals. A surprising final, as both teams were definitely not favourites. The Celtics fought their way through the playoffs with two of seven games. In doing so, they eliminated the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks. The Warriors were relatively easier in the series, in the fact that they required a slightly fewer games to reach the final.

What is remarkable about both teams is that they are a good mix of young and old and not an excellent team. Baku and Bart Gunn predicted the Golden State Warriors would win the title in six matches.

After the classic (Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty by Nature), attention has turned to Major League Baseball. The first two months of the season are over. Who are the good and the bad and how do the Dutch do it. Jurickson Profar is currently playing his best season with the San Diego Padres. Here he shows great moves, good on the field, strong at bat and he is in the starting line in every match. Kenley Janssen remains undefeated with his team approaching the Atlanta Braves also well into the competition.

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In the second half of the Pilgrim Nation, it was shifted onto the ice, because the NHL playoffs also began. The history and history of the four teams in the semi-finals were discussed. With attention also to logos, which are among the most beautiful logos in professional sports, according to the presenters. So is the NHL Winterclassic, the outdoor game played every year.

The last broadcast of the Hajj season is Wednesday, June 29.

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