Pierre Jean Chalenson reveals everything about his relationship with a famous singer “He is the man of my life”

Pierre Jean Chalenson reveals everything about his relationship with a famous singer "He is the man of my life"

Likeable or critical character, Pierre Jean chanelson However, he can be proud of being a man who does not go unnoticed. As evidence of this, one of the recent media rounds failed to respond. So it is an opportunity for the dreamer to discuss the reasons why he is sometimes criticized, but also to be interested in some amazing discoveries about his own life. In particular, when he mentions: “The man of his life”. objection It tells you more.

Pierre Jean chanelson : A man in turmoil?

complicated story

Discovered by the general public on the show Deal closed Copper for several seasons, Pierre Jean chanelson He quickly became one of the must-see faces on the small screen. At the famous Sophie Davant show, this grand collector quickly won the hearts of the audience. However, some of his media outings or some of the obstacles he faces have permanently removed him from the world of television. In any case, France 2 decided not to contact him anymore. His photo was taken at Jean-Marie Le Pen’s birthday party or his photo Related attacks Line Renault NrThe management clearly did not like it. Quickly, Pierre Jean chanelson So leave the antenna.

Since that day, Michel has been weakened Polnariv So it looks like he has moved away from his old friends inDeal closed. Al Pierre Jean chanelson and Caroline Margardon They were already very close at the time of the show, after which a real rift was noticed in their relationship. On social networks, the ex-spouse also on many occasions did not fail to offend each other. The owner of the Palais Vivienne also reinstated the violation in early July 2021. Even many of his recent online notes were directed at Caroline Margardon its name. objection It tells you everything!

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real collision

On several occasions, Pierre Jean chanelson He had no such kind words for a starDeal closed. Caroline last week Margardon So she gave an interview in which she said she was hesitant about the destination of her vacation. The famous flea merchant from Saint-Ouen had not yet made her choice in the south of France or in Miami, where she joined friends. But then again, Pierre Jean chanelson You failed to resolve the situation. According to him, his ex-boyfriend has no family in the US and not even a way to pay for a plane ticket! An attack that is in good shape and certainly won’t Went unnoticed with the main stakeholder.

But it’s true, Pierre Jean chanelson This isn’t his first attempt at creating an event. Last April, the man made headlines when police searched his home. It is suspected that he organized a secret dinner at the house, which Napoleon’s specialist initially denied responsibility. Justice overheard him while in custody, and eventually admitted that this meal was prepared in a purely professional environment. Statements that clearly can not convince anyone. There was another question on everyone’s lips. To see if celebrities or politicians are present during these evenings. We must already remember that Pierre Jean chanelson He has one of the best address books in Paris. He also did not hide his association with big stars, including stars in particular. objection reveal any.

Pierre Jean Chalson: “The Man of My Life”

Owner of a mansion in the heart of Paris, Pierre Jean chanelson It is regular in the capital. From an early age, his family received at home the greatest stars of that time. A journalist for Europe 1 and ORTF, his father was already a great party organizer in his house. Extraordinary moments allowed the young man to meet such personalities as Thierry Le Loron, Colucci or even Charles Trinier. An artist who will count a lot in his life.

For years, Pierre Jean chanelson He admits that he is very close to the singer. He even considers him a real model. “I had the opportunity to meet Charles in 1987. I was barely 15 years old. As with Napoleon, I am undoubtedly his biggest fan and have a few things of my own. But the greatest treasure he has passed on to me is his general knowledge. If you’re here today, it’s thanks to him. We nearly made a record together, and we imitated it.” Charles Trinette even predicted that it would happen one day “Mr. Napoleon”. The reason why Pierre Jean chanelson always nicknamed him “The man of my life”.

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