Philadelphia Flyers Salary Cap Analysis: Attackers

Philadelphia Flyers Salary Cap Analysis: Attackers

The Flyers forward group won’t have much change as almost everyone is under contract for the next few years

11 attackers currently make up the Philadelphia Flyers forward center. And these are just the ones currently on the NHL list. It does not include the many potential youths looking to break through. The team technically doesn’t need anyone else’s signature, unless they empty the funds the other way.

There’s not much to work with given that Flyers is currently just over $ 2.2k in cover space. This really doesn’t give them many options at all. They could fit into one or two junior team contracts. This should put them facing a wall. So don’t expect the pilots to catch a big fish unless the team is willing to help them as well.

So, even with Patrick Lane’s rumors continuing to spread and Mike Hoffman still available, it’s hard to see the pilots have room to chase either. Hoffman is almost nonexistent because he’s a free agent. Laine would come across the trade, which could allow the pilots to clear some necessary space.

However, Laine has a cap of $ 6.75 million. Flyers don’t really need another big contract in their hands. It’s probably only this season as Laine is definitely looking for a big buck on his next deal. If the pilots think their acquisition puts them ahead and in real competitors, they will pull the trigger.

Otherwise, they’ll enter the season with pretty much the same season roster. Starting with the forwards, there’s not much room to budge when you take a look at what the team has out there.

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