Peters approached the podium in the second World Cup


WOUDENBERG / Amersfoort Puck Pieterse is getting closer and closer to her first podium. The field jockey from Amersfoort finished fifth in both World Cups this season, in Fayetteville, USA.

For Peters, who has been able to keep up with the top runners for a long time, this was her best performance ever. Just like last weekend, the battle of victory turned into a fight between Lucinda Brand and Marianne Vos. After Voss crashed, Brand won, ahead of Dennis Betsima and Clara Hunsinger of the United States. Voss finished fourth ahead of Peters. Peters dedicated just 28 seconds to Brand on the pitch where the World Cup will be held later this season.

Quentin Hermans won the victory among the men. He beat his fellow Belgian, Elie Esserbet, by more than 35 seconds. Michael Fanthornhout completed the party for our southern neighbors with third place. Lars van der Haar had a rough time after a poor start. He finished the season outside the top ten (14) for the first time this season.

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